Ling-Wei Huang
Master Candidate

OPTIMAL (OPTImization for MAchine interLligence),

Hainan University, China.

 Address:   School of Economics, Hainan University, Haikou 570228, China
 Office:   B418, SheKe Building, Haidian Campus of Hainan University
  Tel:  +86-15008041486

Ling-Wei Huang received his Bachelor's degree in College of Mathematics and Econometrics of Hunan University, China, in 2015. Currently, he is a 3nd year graduate student of School of Economics in Hainan University (supervised by Prof. Yuan-Hai Shao) and a member of OPTIMAL group led by Prof. Nai-Yang Deng and Prof. Yuan-Hai Shao. His research interests include nonparallel support vector machine, nonconvex loss function, kernel learning, density clustering, machine learning, and data mining.

  • Chun-Na Li, Yuan-Hai Shao*, Nai-Hua Xiu,Hua-Jun Wang, Yu-Ting Zhao, Ling-Wei Huang, Nai-Yang Deng. Single Versus Union: Non-parallel Support Vector Machine Frameworks[J]. Submetted. 2019, volume(number): pp-pp. (SCI, IF:IF)

  • Jun Zhang, Yuan-Hai Shao*, Ling-Wei Huang, Jia-Ying Teng, Yu-Ting Zhao, Zhu-Kai Yang, Xin-Yang Li. Can Exchange Rate be Used for Forecasting Shanghai Composition Index?[J]. Submetted. 2019, volume(number): pp-pp. (SCI, IF:IF)

  • 邵元海, 刘黎明, 邓乃扬*, 黄凌伟. 支持向量机的关键问题和展望[J]. 中国科学: 数学(已投). 2019, volume(number): pp-pp. (SCI, IF:IF)

  • Ling-Wei Huang, Yuan-Hai Shao*, Jun-Zhang, Yu-Ting Zhao, Jia-Ying Teng. Robust Rescaled Hinge Loss Twin Support Vector Machine for Imbalanced Noisy Classification[J]. IEEE Access. 2019, 7: 65390-65404. (SCI, IF:4.098)

  • Yuan-Hai Shao, Chun-Na Li*, Ling-Wei Huang, Zhen Wang, Nai-Yang Deng, Yan Xu*. Joint sample and feature selection via sparse primal and dual LSSVM[J]. Knowledge-Based Systems. 2019, volume(number): pp-pp. (SCI, IF:5.101)

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